Sex & the Single Woman: Cold Turkey

I often talk about how I make it a point to try and stay friends with the guys I have dated. I hate burning bridges and, with the exception of a few individuals, I still talk to all of these guys on a regular basis.

Lately, however, I have been haunted by the ghosts of dudes past. It’s not bitterness driving this sudden influx of memories, but rather the fact that I am dwelling on the mistakes that we both made.

As I bask as a single lady amongst roommates with serious boyfriends, I think the reminder of being single is triggering these thoughts. What’s bothering me now is that I can’t seem to focus away from them.

I am the first to admit that my Type A personality allows me to overanalyze everything on a regular basis, but I’ve always thought I do a good job of letting the past be the past. Apparently not.

It looks like I’m going to have to drop some of these men cold turkey. Is that possible when you have already established a friendship and moved on? Can you undo the peace treaty and restate your demands? Once you become friends again can you ever go back to the breakup stage?

Can you blame a friend for something he once was?