Sex & the Single Woman: Confessions of an Online Dating Addict

confessionsofanonlinedatingaddictThere’s nothing worse than a bad date.

Unless it’s somebody else’s bad date…in which case, pass the popcorn!

I’ve just finished reading “Confessions of an Online Dating Addict” by Jane Coloccia, who went on hundreds of online dates with a motley crew of unavailable, unattractive, and downright freaky fellas.

There was the sanitation worker with commitment issues. The older guy who wrote her back after the first date to say “I’m not really into the hefty Italian hips and thighs.” The guy who seduced her and then wrote to say she disgusted him. The guy who disappeared after she gave him a job. The guy who showed up looking absolutely nothing like his photo. The stories were so engrossing that I literally read the book in a few hours, staying up all night just so I could read another tragic tale of a date gone wrong.

Jane’s got a boyfriend that she met online now, but I’m not sure if I could do the Internet thing after reading about her experiences. Theoretically men there are meant to be more open to a relationship, but Coloccia’s experiences with non-committal men say otherwise.

One tidbit of info: Coloccia advises against going out with a guy who has just started Internet dating. Why? Because he’ll be so chuffed by having his pick of available women that he won’t be serious about dating exclusively. It’s apparently better to focus on someone who has been out there for a while and has a better perspective on things.

Are you an online dater? Has it worked for you, or have there been some truly heinous dates? And have you read our article on Online Dating Tips for Single Women?

-Erin xx