Sex & the Single Woman: Conflict

As someone who constantly seeks answers to the dating questions that are as old as time, I make it a point to listen to every piece of advice that comes my way. While I believe that there is not one key way to meet men, I’m not sure if I buy conflicting ideas.

Let me explain.

One thing I’ve heard time and time again is that you can’t make things happen. I mean, it’s even a song: “You Can’t Hurry Love.” I agree with the fact that you can’t conjure up the perfect man, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something.

Which brings me to the next thing. I’ve also heard that a woman shouldn’t sit back and expect to fall into romance. She needs to actively meet people, to get her butt off the couch and act like she cares.

So which do you do? You can’t do both. Right now, I’m currently taking the Plan B route of being proactive. We’ll see how it goes.