Sex & the Single Woman: Crazy, Stupid

This weekend a group of my friends went to see Crazy, Stupid Love. (Attention: possible spoilers ahead!). I was preconditioned to enjoy the movie purely because it has so many of my favorite actors in it, as well as my favorite girl crush, Emma Stone. I was relieved, and ecstatic, to find that the plot definitely did these actors justice.
One thing that struck me as I was sitting in the cold theater (shivering because I didn’t think to bring a cardigan to throw over my tank top) was the confidence with which Ryan Gosling’s character approached women. He wasn’t messing around. Even though it was his nature to play women for everything they’re worth, I still admired the fact that he wasn’t afraid to get shot down.
Moreso, the movie also struck a chord in me. It makes me want to engage in small talk, to be more outgoing in approaching men. I love meeting new people, but in a bar scene I am admittedly reserved. While I don’t plan on tricking men into coming home with me (but how I wish I had that smoothness!) I do want to bottle this inspiration and not be afraid to open up. Who knows — maybe I’ll find my own Ryan Gosling.