Sex & the Single Woman: Creep?

There really is two sides to every story, especially when it comes to males and females.

Earlier this week I mentioned that guys and girls have totally different ways of approaching text message conversations. Yesterday I learned that, in general, we view a lot of situations differently. Now this isn’t anything revolutionary, but it still led to some interesting insight.

Backstory time: One of my guy friends read a blog entry about a woman who was asked out for coffee while riding in an elevator. She was creeped out and wrote about feeling offended. The guy I was talking to didn’t understand her reasoning, which makes sense to some extent.

However, being a girl, and a paranoid one at that, I could easily identify with her. Yes, it’s a little unnerving to be approached by a stranger in a situation where there is literally no outs. To a certain extent, it’s flattering to be picked up by a stranger; to a certain extent, it is also uncomfortable.

What I was able to reassure him was this. At least from my standpoint, I don’t think all men are creeps. That being said, my guard is definitely up and, as a woman, I am very aware of my surroundings. If you feel so inclined to take me to a stunning candlelight dinner… Just wait until we get off the elevator.