Sex & the Single Woman: Crystal Ball, Please?

Here’s a situation for you. Take one guy, one girl, add some serious chemistry and a few opportunities for it all to simmer . . . What do you have?

Answer: I wish I knew.

When it comes to men, I am easily interested but rarely do I feel that intense “we have to be together” pull. In fact, I can only think of two guys in the past four years who qualify that ranking.

Now, in a situation where I have unequal parts chemistry and uncertainty, I am left to question the lasting power of a potential relationship. Yes, the chemistry is there, but I am wondering if there is anything more. Are a great connection and mutual respect enough to be the foundation for a fantastic relationship?

I’m approaching this one slowly, dipping one toe in at a time. I think I am okay seeing what happens, but for some reason I am hesitating to jump in with both feet.