Sex & the Single Woman: Cue the Onset of Paranoia

I am well aware of the cliches about men and their attraction to women. I am exposed to American pop culture, after all. But for all of the messages telling me that the only women who can land a guy are the ones with chiseled abs and bombshell blowouts, I look at real people and find that the they do pretty good looking normal.

However, in light of that, I will admit that I recently experienced a flicker of doubt. A few nights ago I was watching “The Ugly Truth,” a total chick flick in which scummy Gerard Butler makes Katherine Heigl into a hottie, they fall in love, end of story. The problem with this situation is (obviously) there was never anything wrong with her to begin with. Furthermore, I actually think she looked fabulous pre-makeover… She dressed in a way that I would if I could. So why is that not enough?

Instead of making me feel warm and fuzzy like most chick flicks, I instead felt paranoid. Do guys really think that much about what we wear? Does it really take a low cut shirt and some hard-to-get to snag a great guy?