Sex & the Single Woman: Dating Deal-breakers

baddateBad manners, chewing with an open mouth, liking the Yankees (kidding, kidding)…there are so many turn-offs that can sour a perfectly good date. But what’s the major deal-breaker on your list? Here are 5 of mine:

  1. No sense of humor. If a guy can’t make me laugh-and I mean, tears streaming down my face, head thrown back, trying to hold it together-there’s not much hope for us. The wittier the better-no knock-knock jokes for me.
  2. No interest in reading. My heart always sinks when I visit a guy’s room for the first time and can’t find anything to read beyond a worn copy of Maxim. The guy doesn’t need to carry Tolstoy around with him, but an appreciation for literature is a major plus.
  3. Family issues. I’m really close to my family, so I get uncomfortable when a guy I’m dating blows off his family. A major red flag for me.
  4. Bad grammar. If you’re going to date a writer, you’ve got to be able to have a way with words, boys. Spell-check was created for a reason.
  5. Different political views. I’m all for a good debate, but my political beliefs are so intrinsic to who I am that I can’t imagine dating anyone who fell on the opposite end of the political spectrum. If that makes James Carville a better person than I am, so be it.

-Erin xx

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