Sex & the Single Woman: Dating Your Friend’s Friend

3205667_circle_coloured_peopleIt’s a small world, after all.

I have a fairly large group of friends, and yet we always end up hooking up with each other. Almost all of my good friends who are in relationships are dating someone they met through one of my other friends. It was really only this morning that one of my roommates and I realized how awkward this has the potential to be. She had just come back from a very good night out, and yes, a hook-up with the roommate of a guy she has known since grade school.

In short, it sounds like things went well with the guy, which is awesome. Even more amazing is the text she got from her grade school friend this morning: “How was my house?”

He was totally cool with the situation, but it still leaves me wondering if hooking up with friends of friends is such a good idea after all.  Should we look outside our circle of friends when starting relationships?