Sex & the Single Woman: Day 12


Okay, ladies.

Almost two weeks ago I embarked upon my quest on finding love in 90 days with the help of Dr. Diana Kirschner. The first month is divided into different elements, one of them being “Deadly Dating Patterns.” Dr. Kirschner believes that in order to find love, a woman must look at the thirteen types of deadly dating patterns listed in the book and recognize which ones she finds most common in her life.

After carefully reading through the list, I figured out that I most often fall victim to “The Fantasy Relationship” (being interested in a guy who does not feel the same way, yet continuing to hope that things will change… and they never do), “Fade Away” (driving men away with non-verbal signs),  “Jealousy Trap” (driving your guy into the arms of the other girl he is interested in), and “Just Buddies” (always the girl friend, never the girlfriend).

Dr. Kirschner provides a variety of exercises that one can use to overcome these flaws. I plan on re-evaluating my dating plans so as to avoid making these mistakes. This is helpful because I can tell when something is wrong, but I can’t necessarily pinpoint exactly what it is. Her list really breaks down common behaviors and how to fix them.

As my 90-day experiment progresses, I hope to be able to focus more on what I am doing wrong so that I can correct it. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens!