Sex & the Single Woman: Day 48

More than halfway there!

I am on a misson to “find love in 90 days” with the help of Dr. Diana Kirschner, whose book is guiding my journey.

I am well into my second month of the process, and the results are interesting. At this stage Dr. Kirschner encourages women to find a love mentor, a.k.a someone who believes in you and finds you deserving of love.

I chose one of my roommates as my love mentor because she is endlessly supportive of me, but also because she has found success with love.

I was unsure of how to feel about this, but I really like Dr. Kirschner’s end message: the point of having a love mentor is to have someone to encourage you. In turn, it is your job to take the support from your mentor and internalize it, reinforcing your own worth. I’m definitely cool with that.

Also, be sure to check out the February 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan— Dr. Kirschner and her advice are featured in an article!