Sex & the Single Woman: Different Types of Hook Ups

Tonight one of my roommates and I were having a conversation about the different types of hook ups. On a basic level, we found three kinds that define these occurences.

The first is the the Non-Committal Hook Up. You don’t see it coming, you have no intentions of attaching, and you walk away without looking back. Yes, you may revel in those moments of glory, but you don’t hold on to them.

Next is the Intention Non-Committal Hook Up. This starts out like the first one, but doesn’t exactly goes as planned. You intend on not becoming attached, but sadly don’t exactly succeed. You end up wanting more, and that ends up being unfortunate.

The third is the Hook Up with Intentions for More. Simply stated, you want it, you got it, you keep wanting it. You go in with the mindset of coming out in a relationship. Whether or not that actually happens is purely circumstantial.

What do you think? Can you hook up in more than three ways?