Sex & the Single Woman: Different Worlds

Dating used to seem so simple. When we were in high school, it seemed the biggest divide we could face from another guy was if he already had been in a steady relationship or if he had already gone “all the way.” Now that we’re older, things suddenly seem so much more complex. Relationship differences aren’t limited to virginity, but now extend to marriages, children.

I remember being an undergrad in college and watching many of my friends become engaged, or seriously date men who they would eventually become engaged to. We seemed so young — I still can’t imagine becoming engaged at 21– and I, having never been in a long term relationship, felt so inexperienced.

As I’m growing older, I wonder what it will be like when I date a man who’s been married. Having never been engaged, will I find that too much separates us? Is there a point at which two different life paths simply cannot mesh?