Sex & the Single Woman: Ditzy Dialing

drunk-dialOops! I accidentally texted my ex. It was a mistake, I swear! I thought I had deleted the guy’s number. I thought wrong.

Here’s the story: I was meeting my old roommate at his work to pick up my deposit money. I got off the Tube and sent STEVE a text along the lines of “I’m on Tottenham Court Road, where’s your office?”

A minute later I get a text from STUART, the ex. The one I told I didn’t want to talk to him for a very, very long time a few months back. His message: “Are you sure you meant to send this to me?”

Kicking myself for my sloppiness, I texted back that I’d meant to text my friend, then braced myself for an awkward response. I didn’t hear anything back. Which is a little bit more awkward, I think.

The lesson: Clear out my phone! And look twice before I hit send!

-Erin xx

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