Sex & the Single Woman: Do We Need to Play Games?

I have often talked about the games that are played in relationships. I am undecided as to how I ultimately feel about these snippets of cat-and-mouse.

One of my roommates recently became interested in a guy but she was confused because something was missing. He was the unusual yet ideal situation: he openly liked her and he wasn’t afraid of that fact.

It would seem like there’s no problem, the ball was in her court. Yet in spite of all of this, she still wasn’t convinced. After a long talk, however, we figured out that a key component was missing: the chase.

She was conditioned time and time again to assume that no relationship could happen unless she relentlessly pursued a guy and he toyed with her emotions. Now, finding a guy who is honest and not all about messing with her, she didn’t know what to do.

Why is it that we think these games are necessary? Yes, some games may be okay, but when a guy doesn’t play them we assume that he doesn’t care and that there is no point in pursuing anything.