Sex & the Single Woman: Do You Date Beneath You?

This weekend I hit a Fourth of July bash (yes, in England) at the swanky Shoreditch House in London. I drank, ate two cheeseburgers, swam in the heated pool, gawked at Nicola from Girls Aloud, and did an impersonation of the Stay Puft Man from “Ghostbusters” in a desperate attempt to ask our Italian chef if they had S’mores (it worked, but alas, they had no marshmallows on hand).

greencardDuring the party our conversation veered to the subject of girls dating guys who were out of their league. One girl, who admittedly was a stunner, was with a guy who I considered reasonably good-looking (if not particularly memorable), but as soon as they left everyone mentioned how he was lucky to be with her. Apparently the guy had been standing watch over her while she was in the pool in her bikini, clearly trying to keep other men away. I didn’t think much of it, but then later this week I was introduced to my friend’s new boyfriend. She’s gorgeous. He’s…well, he seemed nice. It’s not that he was bad-looking, just…meh. And this girl could land a male model if she wanted. Looks obviously aren’t everything, but I guess I was just a little surprised.

So what about you? Have you ever dated a guy when everyone else thought you could do better? Are you into pretty boys, or is sexy-ugly more your thing?

-Erin xx

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