Sex & the Single Woman: Do You Like Your Friends’ Boyfriends?

group_of_friendsA close friend of mine is getting hitched this week, and I couldn’t be happier-not only because she’s marrying an awesome guy, but also because the kick-ass reception will be featuring karaoke, and my other friend’s boyfriend and I are planning to duet on “Don’t You Want Me Baby.” Watch out, people!

Thinking about this week’s festivities, I have to say that I really do adore all of my pals’ boyfriends. Most of us met at university, so it’s nice to have that shared history. We’ve lived together, traveled together, rented houses for New Year’s…it’s a fun group. Each guy is laugh-out-loud hilarious, easy to get along with, and sweet as heck. My other single girlfriend and I know this means that the bar has been set-the guys we date have to not just sweep us off our feet, but hold their own in the group as well.

Of course, not every girl likes the guys her friends date. In college, I absolutely loathed my roommate’s skeezy boyfriend. I had a good reason-the guy had a warrant out on him!

So how about you? Do you like your friends’ boyfriends…or do they suck?

-Erin xx

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