Sex & the Single Woman: Do Your Parents Have Crushes?

jimmorrisonWhen my mom was a girl she fantasized about marrying Jim Morrison and living on a hippie commune. She’s now married to a firefighter named Doyle and lives in a nice house with a big-screen TV and a home gym, but the memory of ol’ Jim still lingers. When we went to Paris a couple of years ago, Jim’s final resting place at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery was the first stop on our itinerary.

I sometimes wonder what it was about Jim Morrison that appealed to my mother. His looks? His voice? His far-out style? It seems out of character for her, but there’s something kind of cool about it too-a dreamy little glimpse at her youthful self.

I don’t know if my dad has any celebrity crushes, and I’m not the type to ask…but I wonder: Do your folks have crushes on any celebrities? Are they right on, or totally scary?

-Erin xx