Sex & the Single Woman: Easy, Wonderful

In honor of the holiday (a.k.a. Friday) I wanted to reflect on something that makes me very happy: the easiness.

Relationships have so many complexities and layers to them, but when it comes down to it, there is something so magical about those moments where relationships are just … easy.

I’m not talking about those moments where you get along, or those jokes that seem to perpetually brighten your day, but rather those times when things seem absolutely effortless. It can be the way your hands just slip together, or that conversation you have that comes out of nowhere and lasts forever. It can be that moment when you need a hug and without saying a word, his arms are around you. Or it can be something completely unexpected, something that shows that this is different.

Thinking about these moments makes me genuinely happy. They are stock memories for when I’m having a gloomy day or just feeling down on myself. And even though today is Friday and I’m very cheerful about that, I might take a moment to sit back and reflect on some really happy memories.