Sex & the Single Woman: Ex Factor

exLast week I received an email out of the blue from a guy I met at a concert two years ago. We’d gone out, kissed, and then kept in contact from our respective homes in Wales (him) and Texas (me). Of course, things got a little rocky when I found out that he was having an affair with a married woman at the time of our hook-up. He’d painted himself as this lonely guy in the midst of a divorce from his high school sweetheart, which made me want to play the heroine, etc. So naturally when I found out he had this messy thing on the side, I wasn’t impressed.

Needless to say, I was taken aback by his email. Usually when guys from the past – particularly someone you met once – only bother to reconnect when they’re thumbing through their little black books and have a booty call in mind. But nope – after we exchanged pleasantries he told me that he and his formerly married gal are getting hitched next year. Er…congrats?

It’s no skin off my nose what this guy does, but I have no idea why he was reaching out to me. Surely his missus wouldn’t like it, and we hadn’t really formed a bond outside of physical attraction.

Ah, men.