Sex & the Single Woman: Excuses?

When I have those dramatic existential “why am I single?” moments as us ladies tend to do, I often find myself listing off a bunch of factors that could be very plausible. At the same time, these factors all could just be me making up excuses.

For example, I could argue that, having a bunch of guy friends and those being around guys all of the time, other guys who might possibly be interested would be scared away. But then the idealistic side of me jumps in and says if a guy is interested, he will take a chance.

In between all of this inner monologue, I’m wondering how much am I being realistic?

The only solution I can come to is that I need to take a step back, realize that there is (most likely) nothing I can do to change my situation, and let things happen. When you’re a control freak like me, however, it’s way easier said than done.