Sex & the Single Woman: Facebook PDA

couplekissingIt’s time for a rant. I love Facebook as much as the next 21st-century girl, but I do not love the nauseating kissy-kissy photos that certain people insist on posting with an alarming regularity (you know who you are).

I have an old friend who hasn’t used his Facebook account in ages, it seems, but who pops up in a weekly slideshow of photos of him making out with his girlfriend (the evil poster). The albums show up in my feed after every weekend, never feature anyone besides the two lovebirds, and signal an unending interest in French kissing close-ups taking with one hand. Blech.

If you or your lover are up to this sort of no-good activity, please do all of us a favour and stop. We have lunch to eat.

-Erin xx

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