Sex & the Single Woman: Female Stereotypes


Last night I was talking with one of my guy friends about how he has dated three girls with the same name and how all situations have ended on a less than stellar note. When discussing Girl #1, he explained how she pulled a classic Female Maneuver.

Even though the relationship had been going south for a while, him actually breaking up with her caused her to start screaming at him. Two hours later he had calmed her down, leaving me to wonder: are all women this way?

I completely agreed with his side of the story: they had been struggling to make the relationship work for some time, and the point had finally arrived where there really was no ignoring the truth. As I assured him that she was being mildly hysterical, I wondered if, put in her position, would I have reacted the same way?

I consider myself to be a fairly level-headed person, and I have never screamed at a guy when breaking up (although sometimes it was probably deserved). It was a similar situation with Girl #2, whom he never actually dated, but a year later she still gives him the cold shoulder.

Still, I keep asking myself: Is this just a crazy stereotype, or do we all act this way?