Sex & the Single Woman: Flirt Alert

The other day I was thinking back to my freshman year of college and one of my friends who was an insufferable flirt. I have no problems with women who know how to bat their lashes and laugh at anything a guy says, but this girl hit on everything that moved–including guys I liked.

I generally feel pretty confident that if a guy likes me, he’s not going to get swayed by any girl who sashays by. At the same time, I did get frustrated when I would express my interest to this girl and she would pounce anyway. So much for the sisterhood.

So what are we classy gals supposed to do about crazy flirts? Should we be content to sit back and let them do their thing? My absolute worst mental state is when I get into Jealous Catty Girl mode and get uber competitive. However, I do not like backing down.

Why is it that we feel so protective, even when we have every reassurance in the world that he is into us?