Sex & the Single Woman: When’s the Last Time a Guy Brought You Flowers?

rosesA couple of weeks ago I was sitting in my back garden with the guy I’m dating. An assortment of flowers had started blooming-lavender, daisies, lush red roses-and so my guy decided to be a gentleman (or a cheapskate yard-raider, depending on how you look at it, ha ha) and assemble a pretty bouquet for me.

Okay, so it wasn’t the same as splurging on a dozen roses at a chi-chi florist, but I was won over. Especially considering that the only guy who generally ever buys me flowers is…my dad. Yep, Pops is pretty good at sending flowers on my birthday, or other special occasions, which I always appreciate.

How about you? Do the men in your life send you flowers-or even a rose bush? What’s your favorite bloom? I like bright purple or pink roses.

-Erin xx