Sex & the Single Woman: Flutter

Mhmmmmm, I think it might be that time again.

I’m getting butterflies.

I absolutely love those flickers of when you think you’re interested in someone. The last time I fell for someone, I crash landed. It came out of nowhere and, to be honest, I’m recovering from it. To have a slower spark is a bit of a relief. I’m also a pretty impulsive person, so having time to sort things out probably isn’t the worst thing for me.

Here’s the problem of the hour: while the new guy is pretty much perfect on paper, right now we don’t have the chemistry that I have with the first guy. In other words, it’s hard to compare him to the first relationship, let alone accept the idea that he can top it.

Even when you are trying to get over someone, what is the key to taking that final leap? I’m more than ready to let go, but the bar is set pretty high for any future relationships. Trying to hop over it isn’t going to be easy. In the meantime, I’m going to bask in the warm fuzziness of butterflies and possibility.