Sex & the Single Woman: For the One Millionth Time . . .

I talk a lot about one of my close friends because he is exactly that: a huge part of my life. There are ups and downs with our relationships, just like any other, but lately I’m noticing one trend is starting to accelerate: everyone thinks we are dating.

To some extent, I’m not surprised. We are together a lot and I understand why people assume that can mean something it’s not. At the same time, close friends of ours assume we are, and even go so far as to ask us to our faces. I didn’t mind answering the question the first hundred times, but now it has gotten to the point where people laugh at me when I say “No,” and then wink and tell me someday it will happen.

What I am left wondering is the etiquette for these situations? Is it ever appropriate to ask a couple if they are dating? Is it even worse to chuckle when they deny it?

I suppose in small doses these situations aren’t a problem, but since it’s a weekly occurrence to me, I’ve very aware of it. Still, a girl has the right to be best friends with a guy.