Sex & the Single Woman: Four Years Time

A  friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in almost four years just called me up because she will be in town this week. I’m so excited to see her, but a part of me is wondering . . . Has she changed as much as I have?

I’ve grown a lot in four years. When I think about where I was mentally, who I was dating, the people I was friends with . . . so much is different now. Some of this is good, some of it bad, but it makes me question if after four years of only intermittent conversation, will we still be “us.”

Looking back into the past makes me think about guys I used to date years ago. Some of them I haven’t seen in close to 10 years, others have grown with me and remain close friends. If I was to run into one of the former, would anything still be the same?

I think part of the reason that I remain so close to so many of my exes is that we not only had a strong connection, we had a lot of respect for each other. Things ended in a way that meant that our communication wasn’t cut off forever. In terms of my friend, we definitely never ended things and the respect is still there, so I have faith that things will be just as great as they were four years ago.