Sex & the Single Woman: From Behind Closed Doors

Today I was out shopping and while trying on the cutest pair of jeans ever, I was startled to hear the conversation of two girls being broadcast throughout the entire dressing room. The friends were talking so loudly that in just a few minutes I was able to learn their age (eighteen), the schools in which they are college freshmen, and all the juicy details on the guy one of the girls likes.

We live in an age where everything we do is public knowledge. We update our Facebook statuses twice a day, tweet when we do so much as get up from the couch, and have conversations on our cell phones wherever we go. While all of this can be a positive thing, it also leads me to wonder… how public are our private lives?

I feel like the dirty details of relationships used to be something that a woman kept to herself. I’m totally for swapping stories and imparting advice, but I think that there is a limit at which we have lost our discreetness. Exhibit A, the two gabbing girls, broadcasting their love lives to every man, woman, and child within a 100 foot vicinity.

There’s a time and a place for that kind of thing. This was not it.