Sex & the Single Woman: Girlfriend or Girl Friend?


There is one female, aside from your potential mother-in-law, who instills a deep sense of terror in your heart. In one swift move she can not only insult your cute new outfit, she can ruin your relationship.

She is your boyfriend’s best friend.

Too many times things have been going really well with a guy when suddenly another woman comes between us. Physically, he is 100 percent faithful. Emotionally, well, that’s another story.

We all know those close girl friends who have a tendency to be jealous or may not like us in general. Being the best friend, they have a certain rank that even we, as the girlfriends, might never reach.

I have a lot of close guy friends and I am extremely protective of some of them, so I understand the situation. At the same time, I cannot make excuses for those girls who are so possessive that they are wearing the pants in your relationship.

What are we, the girlfriends, supposed to do? Should we let other girls dictate our relationships, or should we stand up for ourselves? Is there any excuse for feeling like the third wheel in our own relationship?