Sex & the Single Woman: Girls on Film

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I was videotaped by my (now ex-) boyfriend during a frolic…but without my knowledge or permission. He thought it would be fun to, er, take his wave runners “for a ride” while they were parked in his heated garage for the winter! And ours being a rather frisky relationship, I agreed. What I didn’t know at the time was that he had set me up. Before this lusty interlude he’d positioned a small camcorder just so, and caught the “Romp on the Runner” on tape!

parishiltonNow, I’d like to stop here and boast that the boyfriend lasted longer than his 30-minute videotape did!

Seven months later, during an argument, he “came clean” about having made the videotape. I asked to see it and, with unbelieving tears in my eyes, watched it alongside a man whom I loved and trusted. A man who I then knew I could no longer love and trust. The boyfriend from hell. Together we shredded the VHS cassette we’d just watched, and then I demanded the master tape, which he (interestingly enough) surrendered. I shredded that one, too.

This long-term relationship was immediately over, but I still live in fear that his clandestinely made videotape of the risque wave runner ride will end up on the Internet. (Hey, really, it was pretty hot stuff.  Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee got nothin’ on us!)