Sex & the Single Woman: Give It a Try

Last night a group of my friends were hanging out and we got on the subject of the relationship of one of the girls there and one of our guy friends who was not. The two are very close friends, and naturally this has led to the question of . . . will they ever be anything more?

We obviously asked her and I was surprised that she was so quick to admit that she would be happy to give it a try. I know  a lot of people, especially girls, who are hesitant to try anything with friends because they are scared it will ruin their relationships. While I understand this reasoning, I really admire her fearlessness.

I am a firm believer that relationships can sustain breakups, and those who want to can overcome any awkwardness that may or may not bring.

What do you think? Would you be willing to give it a try? Is it worth it to make the effort to be more than friends?