Sex & the Single Woman: Good Guys vs. Bad Boys

James Dean

It’s pretty much a rule of life that the Good Guys are the good boyfriends, and the Bad Boys are bad news. In almost every single movie (with the exception of Sixteen Candles) the sweet, not-so-edgy boy wins. To be devastatingly good-looking and to drive an even more devastatingly fast car are warning signs: this is the WRONG guy! Quick, pass home and collect $200, just don’t date him!

As usual, my life cannot follow the rules of dating. Without even trying, I buck convention, and this is especially clear in my dating life. Here are the top three reasons, drawn from my personal experience, why good guys do not always make the best boyfriends:

1. Paul: the former boy next door. He is a classic Good Guy: not necessarily a Baldwin, but he helped us fix stuff around the apartment and he patiently explained the failing economy to me numerous times (and no, I still don’t understand it). My roommates were all surprised when he unabashedly asked me out, after which point he all but moved into our apartment. I was surprised when he started hooking up with other girls behind my back and lied to me about it.  Not such a good guy, eh, Paul?

2. George: the Nice Guy. Ohhhhh, the Nice Guy. I knew him for over a year when things started to progress towards the relationship direction. To make a long, and frankly uneventful, story short, I gave him every opportunity to make a move and he apparently was too intimidated by my obvious sexual prowess to do anything about it. George isn’t just the Nice Guy, he is the Too Nice Guy.

3.  Percy: the Guy Who Is Too Good For His Own Good.  Percy will make some lucky woman very happy….some day. Too bad that day seems very far away. He really is a sweet guy, and he definitely had his moments, but overall he was moving along at a pace that could be outstripped by most snails. Even the most conservative girl would start to feel impatient, trust me.

The moral of all of this is that I am through with good guys. You had your chance—bring on the law-breaking, rough-riding rebel without a cause!