Sex & the Single Woman: Guilty By Association

I try to keep an open mind when it comes to dating guys. Who is to say that a guy won’t end up being The One just because he isn’t the type of guy I am initially attracted to?

Buuuuuut….. I admit it. There is always a little bit of judgement. As much as I try to not be judgmental, sometimes I just can’t help it.

A few days ago I was out and I met a group of guys. I’ll be honest–most of them were pretty sketchy. One introduced himself by four different names and we finally settled on calling him “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Another guy told us he was interested in traveling. Okay, cool. He then informed us he was moving to New Zealand, and that hopefully he could find a job there. Okaaaay.

But in this crowd of guys was one really chill one. He didn’t have any crazy nicknames, he didn’t have any impulsive life goals. He hung back and actually talked to us about normal things.

The question here is whether or not he is guilty by association. When recollecting the night, my friends and I lumped him in as one of the sketchy guys, but in reality he was really very sweet.

Do we judge guys by their friends? If his friends are questionable, does that make him questionable too?