Sex & the Single Woman: Guinea Pig

One of the great things about blogging about single life is that I get to send out my friends, roommates and family as test subjects. There is an unofficial rule that all of their love lives are fair game for me, and occasionally I’ll co mission them to help me out. Every once in awhile, they volunteer to help me out.

My latest conquest in the world of online dating. At this point in my life I am intrigued about, but not tempted to create, a dating profile. There are the obvious questions –how truthful should I be, how safe is it — and I don’t have answers to those … yet. Fortunately, I have a guinea pig who is seriously considering opening a profile. Score.

As of right now her identity shall remain a secret (your welcome!) but in short, she’s decided to give a guy one last chance to pull himself together before she’s pulling the the plug on the situation. Her next step, she told me, is to dabble in online dating. Naturally, I plan on using her experiences and analyzing the heck out of them. Why not?