Sex & the Single Woman: Hair Today, Heartbreak Tomorrow

Ladies, I am a glutton for change.

While this is most often expressed in my obsession with re-arranging rooms, I have also been known to change my hair on the fly. For the past two years, however, I have resisted chopping my luscious locks, which has been a real struggle. It doesn’t help that my hair grows at the rate of about.00001 inches a year.

After much anticipation, my hair has finally reached a solid halfway down my back. Way to go, Maggie! Battling the summer heat has pushed me to the point of deciding to hack my hair back to it’s previous bob. Hey, you can only fight change for so long.

While Googling haircuts, however, I came across a message board where a girl was asking if guys like short hair. She was going for the cut and was concerned that no guy would find her attractive.

I was immediately panicked–what if no guy likes my newly shorn hair? What if I am doomed to wait decades until it grows out and I can be attractive? Then I realized–I shouldn’t be worrying, and neither should she. I refuse to let my life be ruled by the opinion of men. Well, at least not their opinion of my hair.

I’m still going to wait until the heat dies down before I hack off two years of resisting change, but when I do, it will be for myself and not for some guy I haven’t met yet. And that’s something that will never change/