Sex & the Single Woman: Halloween Parties, Rosemary’s Baby and Sexy Irish Accents

ERINHi gals, hope you’re recovering nicely from your Halloween weekends. I thought I’d share a shot of me in my Madonna costume. For the record, I did meet a guy on Friday night, but alas he lives in Ireland so it’s back to the drawing board on that front. That’s too bad, as men who appreciate Thomas Hardy novels as much as I do are few and far between, and damn – are those Irish accents sexy or what?

After clubbing in London Friday night, I hit a friend’s party on Saturday, which was a lot of fun. Sunday I recovered with dinner at a friend’s house followed by my first viewing of “Rosemary’s Baby.” The movie was creepy as hell (I did not enjoy walking back home alone at 1am afterwards) but really good and I am now obsessed with Mia Farrow and her wardrobe from the film. Hmmm…maybe next year’s Halloween costume?

What did everyone else get up to? And what was the best costume you saw?