Sex & the Single Woman: Happily Ever After

The whole world is abuzz with the royal wedding, and who can blame us? The story of an “commoner” finding her Prince Charming is nothing short of what every girl has dreamed of at least some point in her life.

Watching the constant coverage of this made me wonder what Kate Middleton is thinking about this. She clearly knew what she was getting into by accepting Prince William’s proposal, but is this really what she wants?

Marriage is a big enough commitment without adding the political obligations, constant publicity, and permanent loss of privacy. It’s an unbelievably life-changing choice, one that I can’t even begin to imagine prepping for.

Nevertheless, Kate seems to be handling all of this with the utmost grace. She seems prepared to take on whatever might come her way, which I really respect. Already a style icon, I look forward to seeing her live out the dream of so many women–marrying a prince.