Sex & the Single Woman: Happy, Happy

I love when I get to write happy posts. This is definitely one of them.

One of my friends just because official with a girl he was seeing. There are a number of things that I really like about this. The first is that he is a genuinely great guy, though not one who I could easily see being in a relationship. Him finding a great girl makes me very happy.

Second, I really like her. We instantly got along and I get the sense that she is a really good girl for him. I love when you see two people together and know that they are just really, really good together.

My friends break up and make up all the time, but for some reason this sticks out to me as being an exceptionally awesome pairing. I don’t know if it’s this beautiful, sunny weather or an extra dose of optimism, but I’m getting a general sense of things falling into place.