Sex & the Single Woman: Have You Ever Hooked Up with Someone Famous?

The other day I was lounging around with a friend of mine, lazily flipping through a stash of gossip magazines. Suddenly, she bolted right up and pointed at the magazine she was reading.

“I hooked up with him!”

colinfarrell“Him” turned out to be a washed-up pop star who, while good-looking, had been in an extraordinarily cheesy pop group. These people made New Kids on the Block look like the Traveling Wilburys. He had a new “normal” career outside of the entertainment industry, which is why my friend didn’t make the connection until she saw him in the magazine.

I, of course, found this hilarious, torturing her with tragic song lyrics and clips of old videos best left in the gallows of YouTube.

Of course, I can get away with this, because I haven’t hooked up with anyone remotely famous (unless you count the odd dream about Josh Brolin). I probably wouldn’t want to, either. Another friend hooked up with a guy on TV, and it was pretty annoying for her to have to see his mug everywhere.

So, spill it…have you ever dated or hooked up with someone famous?

-Erin xx