Sex & the Single Woman: Here’s to the Night

Yesterday I was watching an episode of Friends in which Monica claims Joey has “the Night” — a night in which a couple stays up talking and by the time morning comes, they have revealed their innermost souls to each other. This propels them into the forever type of relationship that can only be formed via destiny.

Yet, for Joey, it didn’t work out.

Honestly, I’m not surprised. I have had a few of those “Nights” in my day and, honestly, none of them have ever worked out. Not to say that I haven’t developed strong friendships based upon those experiences, but none of them have ever kickstarted a relationship.

Why is this? I know how easy it is from a girl’s standpoint to feel a strong connection and believe it’s meaningful. Because of this, it’s hard for me to understand why a guy wouldn’t feel this same way too.

Above all, is a guy really unaffected by staying up with a girl an entire night? Is he not struck at all by how rare it is, the potential that might be there?