Sex & the Single Woman: He’s Everywhere

I used to consider one of my exes to be my Mr. Big, in a sense. We were always off and on, and even when we were officially “off,” our banter was always “on.” He chooses to sweep in at just the wrong moments, throwing my life into even more chaos.

Now, having recently reopened an Ex File, I am coming to realize that perhaps I have more than one Mr. Big. The Ex is doing an excellent job of turning everything upside down, including my emotions. Although it appears he is taken, he seems quite content to talk to me all of the time and encourage the undercurrent that maybe something is going on between us.

Realizing something of a pattern between the two exes is making me wonder — do we only have one Mr. Big, or is he merely a symbol for all of our exes?

Every woman seems to be haunted by a Mr. Big of some sort — he’s charming and most definitely unattainable. Regardless, he has worked himself into her life in such a way that she finds herself questioning what she thinks of him.

If we are all doomed to have at least one Mr. Big, should we try and cut ourselves off from them altogether?