Sex & the Single Woman: High Roller

Yesterday I took some family friends to the local skating rink. Ohhhhhhhh, the memories.

I was instantly taken back to grade school parties at the rink; the smell of stale popcorn and musty skates greeted me the moment I walked into the door. Skating parties were my first social dates. Girls would get dressed up, guys would tease, someone always left broken-hearted. Ah, the drama of adolescent dating.

In the midst of this, however, I couldn’t notice the change. Not in the rink itself, which probably hasn’t been painted since 1975, but in me. No longer was I swept up in that enthusiastic, awkward, confusing, exciting wave of first crushes. Mind you the crowd was all ten years younger than me, but even the skate rental guy I was flirting with, who used to be way too old, was suddenly way too young.

What happened to those days of youthful highs and lows? The endless optimism, the thrill at just holding someone’s hand? Has dating as adults made us forget the charm of when we first started?