Sex & the Single Woman: Hooking Up with Friends


It’s a slippery slope that women often find themselves skidding down. Hooking up with a friend may be satisfying at the time, but the aftermath can be less than ideal.  What do you do the morning after?

I have found that if your friendship means enough to both of you, then it is possible to work past it.  Yes, it is awkward at first, but aren’t most hook ups?  Having been in this position before, I do know that it can work out. 

The best advice I can offer in this situation is to keep things normal.  I know, I know—it’s so much easier said than done.  But try to focus on the reason that you are friends; something tells me that it’s not a purely physical connection.  I have also found that while in some cases it is better to not address the situation at all, in other situations it can really help. 

Now as for what happens when you hook up with a friend and leave with “more than friends” feelings…. that’s the subject for another day.