Sex & the Single Woman: Hooking Up Without Commitment

I am not opposed to women hooking up now and then so long as we know our limits and are conscious of what we’re doing.

I do, however, use caution because hooking up inevitably leads to attachment, and attachment can be bad if he doesn’t feel the same way.

But what about when those opportunities present themselves where you can hook up and there is no commitment? Not necessarily a one-night stand, but just a situation where you both know nothing will happen for whatever reason.

Having been in this position, I have mixed feelings. Yes, it is convenient because you can have a night of fun without repercussions, but at the same time it doesn’t always leave you feeling fantastic. You might not want to start a relationship with the person, but at the same time hooking up often, even when there is no commitment, might not be the best idea.  To be honest, I have felt both ways and I still am unsure about how I feel about the situation.

What do you think? Is it okay to hook up with no commitment, or is that just a bad idea?