Sex & the Single Woman: Hot ‘n’ Cold

Katy Perry famously sang “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.” I used to rock out to this song, laughing to myself at the irony of a guy who is so indecisive. I’m not laughing anymore.

Last week I talked about a guy I know who had the potential to creep over from the Friend Zone to the, well, not Friend Zone. A week ago, all signs pointed in a positive direction. This weekend, however, I saw him and it’s like things did a complete 180 degree turn.

He suddenly is cold, talking sarcastically and in general letting a jerky side of his personality show. He can definitely be forward at times, but this was beyond that. Compared to last week, this was definitely a change — not a good one.

My first inclination is to assume that I did something wrong, but I am really trying hard not to accept that. If all I did was be friendly to him, then the fault is all his. He definitely is shy sometimes and uses assertiveness to cover that up, but I can’t understand at all how that would apply here.

I do know one thing; if he continues to play this game of Hot and Cold, he is going to be getting one cold shoulder from me. To quote Ms. Perry: “I should know that you’re not gonna change.”