Sex & the Single Woman: How Close is Too Close?

Lately the Ex has been making quite a few cameos in my life. So many, in fact, that he is beginning to become a supporting player. It is only natural then that he finally introduced me to his girlfriend.

I had hear a few things about her from friends of mine and of course I had my own preconceived notions of her, but I was shocked when I actually met her. I really, really like her.

We didn’t talk for long, but I walked away from the situation with a few strong sentiments. First, I was relieved/glad/surprised that the Ex made a point of introducing her; he wanted us to meet, which made me feel less like he was hiding her.

Second, talking to her made me realize how over him I am, and how much I enjoy just being friends with him. I over-analyze everything (surprised?) and it’s a breath of fresh air to know that I can be around him with no hidden agenda.

Lastly, I am left wondering if my unexpected liking of her is going to end up being problematic. I’m around him a lot, and I enjoyed the time I did spend with her — it’s only natural to expect that we will hang out again in the future. Am I treading a dangerous line by pursuing a relationship with the Ex and my replacement?