Sex & the Single Woman: How Much Is Too Much?


I was talking with one of my friends about one of her friends who was cheated on by a boyfriend. The two reconciled, but the guy slept with another girl. My friend was shocked that her friend didn’t think it was a bigger deal and took him back. While I agree, this led to the next question: what exactly defines cheating?

This thought is nothing new. I know I am not the only woman to have pondered it, but I finally think I have made some progress on my own opinion. To me, it depends upon the extent of a relationship. For a couple who have just started dating, I think it’s easier for one to go too far with someone. For any couple taking it slow, sleeping with another person seems too far.

Likewise, if a couple is more open about physical things, maybe cheating emotionally can take a bigger toll. I know a lot of guys who are more likely to be physical with their girlfriend, but to rely on other women for emotional support. Cheating? In a sense, yes.

Ultimately, it boils down to a willingness to be dishonest. If you are willing to lie to someone, why do you deserve to be with them?