Sex & the Single Woman: How to Feel Absolutely Unattractive

I consider myself to be pretty straightforward when it comes to guys. I’m okay when they see me in sweats or without makeup. If I burp in front of them, it happens. I am not the poster child for absolute feminine prowess in any situation.

With that being said, last night I finally found the line where I hesitated and tried to hide a less attractive side of my life: my sinuses. Without going into too much detail, it will suffice to say that this lovely spring weather has my allergies going haywire, and has me sneezing and coughing nonstop.

Last night I went to hang out with a bunch of my guys friends and I found myself sitting in the middle of them, sneezing and sniffling like no other. I kept trying to subtly duck out of the room to blow my nose, but found that one of them would always be within range of hearing the foghorn-esque noise that ensued. I would try and hide in the bathroom, but with no real confidence that they wouldn’t be judging me.

This led me to wonder if guys ever have these “WOW, I am so unattractive” moments. As women, we allow them a certain leniency in burping and just being gross in general. If I heard a guy blow his nose with the caliber that I did, I would be nothing short of impressed.

So is it an image killer to be a little under the weather? Should we settle for disillusioning men when we are sick? Or do they really just understand and not care that we are a little less feminine than before?