Sex & the Single Woman: I Love You, Man

iloveyouLast year I spent three weeks in Africa. I met a lot of people in the village, and have kept in touch with many of them.

Still, I wasn’t quite prepared for this Facebook message from one 19-year-old guy from the village:

“I really love you. I miss you.”

Hmm. Now, while I was in Tanzania I did notice that many men had romantic streaks that would make us Yanks swoon. Ask a guy who his favorite singer is, and he might say Celine Dion or Phil Collins. Romance novels abound.

But seriously…love? I met this guy exactly twice. Perhaps he just means love in the most innocent sense, but I’m not sure how to respond. I’m also slightly amused. How come it’s so hard to wrangle romantic sentiments from the guys you do care for, while they come so freely from the most unexpected people?

-Erin xx